Marble is a Virtual Globe and World Atlas. It is part of the KDE Software Compilation and distributed under the terms of the LGPL, Version 2. Please visit the official Marble website for further information.

Marble on Maemo

Find your way and explore the world with Marble.

Marble is a Virtual Globe with advanced routing capabilities. Use it as your personal navigation device to guide you to any destination in the world. Download maps from a variety of themes and explore the surroundings. Record your trip and share it with your friends.

Explore the World

Around the world in... seconds. Virtually.

Map Themes

Customize your view of the world using different map themes and projections.

Find your Way

Want to get from A to B? Over C? D, E, F? As you like.

Turn Instructions

Get turn-by-turn directions describing important steps of your route.

Guidance Mode

Have Marble announce turn points during your journey -- on the screen and by voice guidance.


Quick access to important places.

Address Search

Search for any address, online (Marble 1.1) or offline (Marble 1.2).

Offline POI Search

List all points of interest for a certain category (Marble 1.2). Turn on GPS to have the nearby ones appear on top.

Offline Fuzzy Search

Not sure about the exact name? Use fuzzy searches (Marble 1.2; case insensitive, '*' as wildcard).

Download Map Themes

Downloaded interesting parts of the world for offline viewing.

Main features

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2012-08-29 The stable version Marble 1.4.0 is available in the extras repository. Please read for details.
2011-06-15 We have started the Voice of Marble contest. Your voice counts!
2011-05-25 The stable version Marble 1.1.1 is available in the extras repository. It fixes some minor bugs.
2011-05-15 The stable version Marble 1.1.0 is available in the extras repository. Learn about new features.
2011-03-26 The stable version Marble 1.0.1 is available in the extras repository. It fixes some minor bugs.
2011-02-01 The stable version Marble 1.0.0 has been released and can be installed directly from the Maemo extras repository. Compared to RC 2, some bugs have been fixed and (once again) the rendering speed has been improved.
The packages marble-maps (additional map themes) and monav-routing-daemon (offline routing backend) are in extras-testing and will be available in extras soon as well.

Maintained by the Marble developers.