Are you attending the Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin? Do you own a Nokia N900? Then we've got something for you.

The Marble Desktop Summit 2011 package contains data for offline usage in Berlin. Find your way and explore Berlin during the Desktop Summit. Install the Marble Desktop Summit 2011 package to get offline OSM maps, offline routing and offline search data for Berlin in a single package.

To install the package, please do the following:

  1. Download marble-desktopsummit_2011-08-02_armel.deb somewhere to your Nokia N900
  2. . Don't open the link directly, the package is big (126 MB) and likely fills your root partition then.
  3. Open the file manager and select the downloaded file
  4. Let the package manager install the package

Please note: Marble 1.2.0 and monav-routing-daemons are required dependencies. Please install Marble 1.2.0 from extras-testing. Monav-routing-daemon is available directly in the extras repository.
Installing the package directly by clicking on the link above from the N900 works only if there is enough space available in the root system, which often is not the case.

Offline Berlin OpenStreetMap

View the map of Berlin to orient yourself.


A couple of important places are included as bookmarks.

Offline Route Planning

Rent a car at the airport and have Marble calculate the route to your hotel. You can use the bookmarks to select start and destination quickly.

Turn Instructions

Turn instructions describe each turn point of the route.

Offline Pedestrian Routing

Want to go to the hotel from the conference venue? Marble guides your walk to the next subway station.

Offline Address Search

Search for any address in Berlin.

Offline POI Search

List all points of interest for a certain category. Turn on the GPS to have the nearby ones appear on top.

Offline Fuzzy Search

Not sure about the exact name? Use fuzzy searches (case insensitive, '*' as wildcard).

Maintained by the Marble developers.