Marble 1.0 is going to be released on January 26, 2011. To be able to provide a stable release, we're looking for testers of our development packages. Thanks for your time and any feedback you provide: Via mail to, via bug reports at or via IRC in #marble at Freenode.


These are development packages which have not been thoroughly tested and may harm your system. Marble is distributed under the LGPL. Please read the terms and conditions.


You can install Marble conveniently from your Nokia N900 using a one-click installer: Open this website with the browser on your N900 and install the packages by clicking on this link. If you need further instructions, please follow this tutorial.

Marble is also available in the extras-testing repository.


Changes between 1.0 RC 2 and 1.0

Type Description
User Interface Usability improvements in the Tracking dialog.
User Interface Update translations. Marble comes in 44 languages. The Tracking Dialog is not translated, please don't report bugs against that.
Bugfix Ensure that altitude information is stored in saved GPS tracks. Remove current location placemark.
Bugfix Work around Qt Bug 1313: When using different language and regional settings, the language settings must define the GUI language, not the regional settings.
Bugfix Fix a crash in globe projection at high zoom levels (street level).
Performance Enable caching for the routing info box. Increases render speed by about 50%.

Changes in between older versions are archived here.

Known Issues in 1.0

Type Description Status
Crash Marble crashes when using a dummy APN (libicd-network-null) Qt Bug 16270
Bug Occasionally a deviation from the planned route is detected by mistake. Open

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